Private Logo and Customization

Yes, we can provide Private logos, which typically require an additional 5-7 days. Our Private logos include hot stamping, hanging tags, and collar labels.

Our Private logo specifications are as follows:

- Hot stamping: 2.54cm*2.54cm (1 inch * 1 inch) or 30 cm* 30cm (11.8 inch*11.8 inch)

- Hanging tags: 5.5cm*9cm (2.16inch*3.54inch)

- Collar labels: 2cm*8cm (0.78inch*3.15inch)

Lead time for Private logos:

- Hot stamping: 4-7 days after placing the order, longer for larger orders.

- Hanging tags: 5-8 days after placing the order.

- Collar labels: 4-8 days after placing the order.

Prices for Private logos:

- Hot stamping: $1 per piece.

- Hanging tags: $1 per piece. There's an additional $100 customization fee for the first order of hanging tags.

- Collar labels: $1 per piece. There's an additional $100 customization fee for the first order of collar labels.

Custom Styles and Samples

Yes, we can customize stitched, seamless, and casual styles.

We can customize the fabric, color, and designs for you. After you provide your design drafts, our designers will confirm the details with you and create a sample for your review. Once you approve the sample, we will proceed with production according to the agreed contract time.

Please note that any adjustments to the sample after its receipt may incur additional charges.

We have two factories for stitched and seamless styles, with 300 machines in the stitched factory and 150 machines in the seamless factory.

The production capacity for stitched styles is 300,000 pieces per month.

The production capacity for seamless styles is 200,000 pieces per month.

Custom Styles and Samples

Production time for custom styles is as follows:

- Stitched: 15-20 days

- Seamless: 25-30 days

- Casual: 7-14 days

Stock Items and Shipping

Our stock items are usually shipped within 3-5 days after ordering. We offer DHL, FedEx, and UPS as the main shipping methods. FedEx Priority and UPS air freight are commonly used.

Shipping prices vary based on weight and destination. FedEx and UPS rates can differ, and shipping times can range from 4-5 days for FedEx Priority to 10-12 days for UPS air freight.

Product Pricing and Taxation

Product prices depend on the specific item:

- Sports bras: $9-$13

- Sport T-shirts/Tops: $9-$14

- Sport leggings: $10-$17

- Long-sleeve sports tops: $15-$20

- Two-piece short-sleeve sports sets: $18-$25

- Two-piece long-sleeve sports sets: $20-$30

- Casual hoodies: $15-$25

- Casual two-piece sets: $15-$30

No, our product prices do not include taxes. Taxation will vary based on your order and location.

Restocking time for different styles is as follows:

- Stitched: 10-14 days

- Seamless: 25 days

- Casual: 14 days