Four display principles for clothing boutiques

Is a clothing boutique doing well? Store display plays a vital role. If your store display is very novel, beautiful and neat, there is absolutely no problem in improving store performance. The following four store display principles are sorted out to teach you how to manage your own clothing store.

1. Commodity display must be based on the principle of plump, tidy and beautiful. If you want to attract consumers into the store, the most important thing is to spend your time on the display. Key words: visually plump, neatly arranged and beautiful, if the product display rack is not plump, it will directly affect the overall feeling of the store, and indirectly affect your sales. But it is not enough to put all the goods on the shelves, of course, it is necessary to consider whether it is neat and beautiful. But if it is crooked and messy, it will still leave a bad influence on customers.

2. Regular replacement of commodity display Why should regular replacement of commodity display? Key words: there are four seasons in a year, there are seven days in a week for seasonal debugging, working days and rest days are different for customers, special holidays need to be themed 'there are four seasons in a year, if your window decorations are used in summer until winter, it will affect The expressiveness of the product itself is affected, of course, it still indirectly affects sales. It is best to change the display of goods in clothing stores frequently to give people a refreshing feeling, so as to improve the turnover rate of women's clothing stores.

3. Relevant Display Principle Relevant display requires that, as much as possible, the products displayed at the terminal are related to the products on the adjacent shelves, so that the terminal can play a certain role as a shopping guide. One thing should also be paid attention to when placing items adjacent to each other, that is, to pay attention to a smooth transition, which makes people feel comfortable. A good related display can easily motivate customers to buy product A while purchasing unplanned product B or even product C. Of course, it is still inseparable from the sales ability of the clerk, together with sales skills, the store manager still needs to do a certain amount of training!

4. The principle of vertical display of similar products Products are displayed horizontally according to different sub-categories, from low to high, from left to right, and vertically from low to high, from top to bottom in the same sub-category. Near the main aisle, from the outside to the inside, similar products are displayed horizontally from high to low according to their popularity. The shelf on the same side is set up from the end, from the outside to the inside, and the similar products are displayed horizontally from high to low according to the best-selling degree. There are more than two types of products, from the two ends of the shelf, from the outside to the inside, similar products are displayed horizontally from high to low according to their popularity.

Finally, it needs to be emphasized that customer loyalty should be cultivated with high-quality service. Try to catch every customer who enters the store, and actively introduce the products in the store that they may like, which is the most important means of sales promotion.

In addition, accepting customers' individual orders or additional services with fast transfer speed is also a good way to increase consumer loyalty.